We have the 3D-CAD-CAM Service: 2-3 days

We will start by explaining that CAD (Computer Aided Design) is 3D design software to create 3D figures (in 3 dimensions). The CAD is the starting point of the process to create jewelry. For its part, CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) is the final part in which the virtual of CAD is embodied in a physical or tangible way.

As one of the advantages of the 3D-CAD-CAM technology is the possibility of the client to participate in the creation of the jewel that he wishes to have.
3D-CAD-CAM can be a new path for the artistic design of jewelry, to achieve quality pieces, with original artistic content and above all pieces in which the user can intervene in the creation process so that in this way there is a Greater connection between the piece and the customer and optimum satisfaction on the part of customer